You might have noticed some new competitor’s blog posts  dominating in search results, and wonder how did they achieve that? You have a great website, with responsive design, awesome graphics, and beautiful content with SEO. Yet you are lagging behind, losing sales, and it hurts.

Here we will give you tips on how to integrate content marketing with SEO and derive strategic benefits :
-    Build trust and authority in your niche
-    Rank ahead of competitors in SERPs
-    Convert visitors to prospects to sales

Content Marketing with SEO the right way
Content Marketing built around SEO tactics :

-    Get to know what your customers  seek  online
-    Deliver it to them consistently
-    Build email lists of visitors to site and communicate regularly with your content
-    Offer discounts or freebies in an intelligent way, such as when announcing new product launches
-    Develop a sound content marketing plan

When customers are anywhere in the buying cycle, from research online, shortlist brands, see reviews, or purchase, they should find your content, which  should help them in their buying process. Your content should not be perceived as disguised advertising.  A sales pitch  will surely turn them off and create distrust.

How to become the thought leader in your market niche

You need to do conduct ongoing research to uncover expressed and latent needs of your customers
-    What problems do they face?
-    What do they aspire to?
-    Are they currently looking for specific solutions?
-    What do they worry about or fear?

Armed with the above information (which is a continuous process, not a one-time study), you now know what kind of content will resonate with your customers.

The SEO Differentiator

SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner will help you do keyword research to discover what people are looking for : keyword phrases and search volumes.
With tools like SEMRush you can ferret out what your competition is up to.

Dispelling Myths about content marketing

There is widespread misconception about content marketing. People are truly unaware of how content marketing really works. They create awesome content, with amazing graphics, and go and post in their company blog. Then they promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.

They expect or hope that this great will go viral. People will share it, and multitudes will consume the content, download it, share it on social media.  They will fall in love with the content and the company. Around 1 to 3% will convert and actually order our product.

Unfortunately it does not work. After a few such attempts, our enthusiastic content marketers get dejected and lose faith in content marketing.  To succeed, you need to stay invested in content marketing in the long run.

You need to keep putting out great content which answers people’s questions. They are not going to read your content, and say, look this company has a great solution, let me buy their product. This will not happen in the first, second or even nth time.

What happens is that your brand starts to stick in their mind, and they start having positive associations with it. Much later, when they actually want to buy a product, they might find your brand online, maybe in organic search listings or a paid advertisement. Then they may recall the positive impression, and actually buy the product.

Ananya SEO Services will help create a content marketing strategy and integrate with SEO. We are passionate about brand’s success. Our strategy will make your grow your brand equity on social media and dominate SERPs.

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